HeroRoller Lint Remover™

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HeroRoller Lint Remover™ - Sticky, Reusable, Simple To Use

Looking for a more efficient way to keep your clothes lint and hair-free?

Say goodbye to excess hair and cotton on your clothes and furniture, and say "hello" to the HeroRoller!

Gel Adhesive

Our unique lint roller uses a specialized gel adhesive that instantly traps lint and hair for more than just one use!

Simply wash the roller after every use and you’ll find it works just as well every time.


  • Quick: Roll, Wash, Roll! Clean any surface including fabrics, furniture, curtains, pillows, carpets, and floors FAST!
  • Washable: Unlike most lint rollers, HeroRoller™ is made of silicone. Just as sticky as traditional style rollers, but you can rinse it clean after you’re done! 
  • Reusable: The HeroRoller surface is a super-strong adhesive that can be wiped off even with tiny dirt. Save Money, NO environmental waste at all!
  • Portable: Use it at home, office, or vehicle, and great for travel. You can even store it in your car for emergencies! Bring it anywhere!
  • Strong & Durable: The handle of the roller is built with multiple layers of compressed plastic to ensure it will last for years

Clean by rinsing warm water to release dirt so you can use it over and over.

How It Works

HeroRoller™ uses a soft, and sticky silicone material that sinks into hard-to-reach areas to lift out deep-rooted dust, lint, and grime that traditional rollers would miss.

Works Best For

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Car Seats & Floor
  • Any fabric

    How to Use

    1. Please tear off the protective film on the surface the first time.

    2. After use, you can use detergent or just water to wash the roller.

    3. Give it 1 minute to dry, then used it again.

    Stop wasting money on disposable lint removal products or dealing with furry clothes and furniture just because you ran out of tape. 

    Package Includes

    1 X HeroRoller Lint Remover™

    We are celebrating our 1,000th order by giving back to our amazing customers, the first 100 people who order this product today will get it for COMPLETELY FREE.